Out of the Wild

sohia dog.jpg
Hi Guys just finished prepping all that beautiful wholesome RAW! I am absolutely thrilled with how well packaged the meat was and the quality of the meat.
Delivery was quick,ordering online was super fast and easy. One happy raw feeder
— Sophia Mamaku

caitymolly final.jpg
Hi iā€™m Molly,
I was addicted to junk food.... as you can see I was unhappy with my body, so i went from FAT to Faaabulous !!!!!
No Jenny Graig :) just pure natural Out of the Wild Petfood
- Possum passion
-Gourmet Goat
-Venison for Variety.
For under $10 per week you to can look and feel this good:)
P.S I LOVE me a good possum tail, they are to die for as you can see in the picture.
— Caitie Ford

sharons dogs.jpg
These two have been eating raw for two years now.
They love their food and variety of meats they get from out of the wild.
I love feeding them raw
— Sharon Kitching